Know Your #Stingray - Beauty or Poisonous Food 🤔

Hello fellow fish & seafood fans, Ah Girl is back to share with you everything you need to know about stingrays!

Stingray, also commonly known as Skate, is considered to be white meat fish. They have little meat but it is high in calcium (perfect for elderly suffering from osteoporosis) and low in fat. When handling stingray, we might feel disgusted by its slimy skin but did you know that the sticky gum we feel is actually a thick layer of collagen? This makes stingray the fish-to-go for women who love beauty!

Beauty or Poisonous Food

Stingrays were once shunned by many due to the myth that its poisonous tail barbs causes its flesh to be poisonous. This myth is unfounded for and should not be a cause of concern for you and me.

Far from being a poisonous food, stingray is actually packed full of health benefits! The most special part of a stingray is actually its soft bone. The soft bone contains a rich amount of collagen which helps our skin remain young and radiant! Collagen is also good for the elderly. As one gets older, the body produces less collagen and is in need of more calcium. The elderly also become more prone to bone-related injuries. However, fret not because by consuming collagen-rich food such as stingray, this situation can be turned around for the better!


Stingray are bought whole by fishmongers then sold in ready-cut pieces.

After deciding on how much you want to get e.g. 500g or 1kg, have your fishmonger clean the skin.

If you do not like the sticky gum on the skin (which contains collagen), you can ask for the skin to be removed.

Now, you can choose to have your stingray meat whole or cut into smaller pieces.

In the request box, you can also let us know how you intend to cook the stingray so we can help you choose a better cut e.g. mid-wing for stir fry, wing-tip for BBQ.

Select the quantity required and hit "Add to Cart"!


Stingray meat is tender and fleshy after cooking. Bones need not be further removed as meat easily slides off the soft bones when the fish is cooked well. With the thick layer of gum on the skin, it is harder for flavours to penetrate into the meat. Hence, it is typically used for high-heat cooking such as stir frying, and also on the BBQ grill! Stingray is best paired with strong spicy and sour flavours which helps bring out the sweetness in the meat!

Keen to try out this delicacy? Get your stingray here!

Stay tuned for a new post as Ah Girl shares her quick fix for Asam Pedas Ikan Pari (Stingray) 😋🌶️

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