Penaeus monodon Fabricius

Common name: King Prawn, Giant Tiger Prawn


King prawns are known for their rich flavour and moist flesh and is the largest of the marine prawns in South East Asia. They have striking colours ranging from light brown to blue with grey, purple or black bands on the abdomen. It can reach a length of up to 33cm but the prawns for sale in the market are generally medium-sized ones.


Appropriate sauces and accompaniments for king prawns include chilli, coriander, citrus, garlic, curry (light), ginger, tropical fruits, burnt butters, basil (pesto), mayonnaise and vinaigrettes. For those looking to show-off in a bbq, this is the go-to prawn!

Prawns can freeze pretty well and thaw quickly without deteriorating in quality too much so you can get some in advance before your bbq party!

King Prawns



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