Scomberomorus commerson

Common names: Spanish Mackeral, Narrow-Barred Mackeral

Local names: Batang, 马鲛鱼 (ma jiao yu), Mal Tengiri Batang


Batang is  a popular food fish in Singapore.  It is commonly used for fish soups and otah.  They belong to the family Scombridae which are a pelagic species whose members include tuna. They have no scales and underneath their silvery skin is a muscular flesh which is rich in blood vessels as they are strong swimmers and would often speed across the open waters of the oceans and seas. The flesh is meaty and firm, almost like the texture of chicken breast meat when it is fried.


Tip: Always look out for batang fish whose cross section is more narrow and sleek as they taste better than rounder ones!

Spanish Mackerel (Batang) - Fillet



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