Penaeus indicus

Common name: Indian White Prawn

Local name: Ang Kar Hei 红脚虾 (Red legged prawn)


The dominant body colour of this species is whitish with blue or brown markings; the tailfan and legs are reddish purple or pinkish blue. Ang kar hei is in wide abundance in our markets. Despite being called “Ang Kah” which means “red legged” in Hokkien, they don’t always have red coloured legs.


The flesh of Ang Kah Hei is very bouncy, crunchy and sweet. It is great for pan-frying where it can be easily coated with a layer of sauce. They also do well in prawn curry as the meat is firm. Some people also like them as tempura.

Red Legged Prawns (Ang Kar Hei)



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